Empowering African Music and Culture on the Global Stage

From Africa to the world: Experience how we're uniting voices and bridging cultures through music.

Founded in April 2019, Arts Connect Africa (ACA) is a vibrant pan-African initiative dedicated to the enrichment and global promotion of African music and culture. With a robust network spanning over 30 cultural stakeholders across 15 countries, ACA embodies the spirit of collaboration and innovation. Our mission is to harness the collective power of our community to overcome the challenges faced by the cultural arts industry, thereby creating a thriving ecosystem for African arts and culture.

Our Mission: A Global Stage for African Talent

At the heart of ACA is a commitment to foster knowledge exchange, enhance capacity building, and create significant opportunities for our members. We are passionately invested in elevating African culture and music, ensuring it resonates globally. Our work is about more than just connecting individuals; it’s about weaving a tapestry of African talent that shines on the world stage, showcasing the diversity, richness, and vibrancy of our cultural heritage.

ACA is driven by the belief that music and culture are powerful tools for bringing people together, transcending borders and differences. We aim to be the bridge that connects African music professionals to global opportunities, facilitating a sustainable and inclusive growth path for the continent’s music industry.

Our Vision: Uniting Through Music

We envision a world where African music and culture are integral to the global arts landscape, celebrated and appreciated by all. ACA’s initiatives are designed not just to spotlight African talent but to provide a platform where artists and cultural practitioners can thrive, innovate, and collaborate.

Our approach is holistic, encompassing the development of resources, networks, and platforms that cater to the evolving needs of the African music scene. From digital platforms that facilitate seamless networking and collaboration to events that showcase the continent’s musical diversity, ACA is at the forefront of creating a unified and vibrant African music industry.

Our Team

At Arts Connect Africa, our strength lies in our diversity. Our team is a vibrant mosaic of cultural stakeholders, each bringing deep expertise and a unique perspective from the global music landscape. United by a shared passion for African music and culture, we are dedicated to fostering connections, celebrating heritage, and nurturing talent across the continent and beyond. Together, we strive to elevate African music to the global stage, ensuring it resonates with audiences worldwide.

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Joining the Network

ACA is your partner in the journey toward global recognition and success. We understand the challenges and aspirations of African music professionals and are committed to providing the tools, resources, and opportunities needed to thrive. Together, we can amplify the voice of African music, sharing its beauty and power with the world.

Whether you’re an artist seeking to make your mark, a promoter looking to connect with new talent, or a music enthusiast eager to explore the depths of African musical heritage, ACA is your gateway to a rich and rewarding experience. Join us as we celebrate and elevate African music and culture, creating a legacy that will inspire generations to come.


Our Partners

At Arts Connect Africa, we are privileged to collaborate with a diverse group of partners who share our passion for promoting and preserving African music and culture. Our partnerships span across event organizers, international music agencies, cultural foundations, and more, each bringing unique value and expertise to our collective mission.