Arts Connect Africa Partners with Cultural Connections Latin America


Arts Connect Africa is proud to announce our partnership with Cultural Connections Latin America (CCLA) a collaborative network that connects professionals in the music industry in the Latin American region. Currently present in 11 countries, CCLA members include festivals, venues, as well as agents and producers.

Our partnership aims to  strengthen professional ties between African and Latino American music industry professionals, resulting in greater visibility of contemporary musical creation. The partnership will also stimulate artistic mobility within our respective regions, multiplying business opportunities and fostering professional development of the sector, through the exchange of ideas and the creation of specific collaboration projects between the two regions.

The partnership with CCLA is one of the ACA’s means of achieving its aim of creating a  mechanism that will ensure that 1. Cultural exchanges between Africa and Latin America happen more frequently, 2. That such a culture exchange is a true cultural exchange that both parties benefit as equally as possible. And 3. Both the ACA and the CCLA can leverage their partnership to connect with other networks from around the world.  That music lovers from around the world can enjoy the taste of African music, and African music can bring some value to the African continent itself. Building that structure is what we are trying to achieve at Arts Connect Africa.

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